Do NOT just sit and read your notes: It is better to write down key facts or things you find hard to remember
Do NOT revise so hard that you make yourself ill
Do NOT panic: read the notes below carefully


  • Well before your exams, set up a revision plan
  • Make sure you have a list of topics to be covered and make a revision schedule allocating a certain amount of time to each topic
    Topics that you do not know so well will need more time.
  • Do not rely on last minute revision

How to revise

  • Take short rests
  • Revise at times you know you can do your best, not when you are tired.
  • Write notes as you revise and test yourself.
    The notes will be useful later and will help you remember the topic.
  • At the beginning of each new day test yourself on what you learnt the day before
  • Several short (eg 30 minute) sessions are better than one long session

Other tips

  • Do not revise all day. Take exercise: Walk, run, play sport – whatever you enjoy
  • Get enough sleep, eat sensibly.
  • If you are unsure about what to do then ask a teacher or tutor about how to revise

The time of exams can be very stressful and difficult.
Some people find exam time so bad they become ill, because they are afraid of failing or of letting their parents and family down.
Sometimes the hard work of study and revising damages their health.

If you are worried then TALK to someone.

Maybe someone in the family, a friend, a teacher at school, maybe your doctor or priest.
If one person does not listen try someone else

If you are really worried then phone Childline or some other similar organization

If you get exam nerves and find it difficult to sleep you may wish to click here
or the childline link belowchildlinelogo