How to Revise: Important revision tips
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Revision Papers

Common Entrance Examination PaperPHYSICS Common Entrance Examination PaperCHEMISTRY Common Entrance Examination PaperBIOLOGY

The papers above are just home-made practice papers.
If you wish to buy actual past CE papers you can do so from Galore Park by following this link: CE Exam Papers
Galore Park will send you one free set of papers from this link: Free Exam Past Papers

The answers can be downloaded by clicking on the boxes below.
Common Entrance Examination PaperPhysics-Answers Common Entrance Examination PaperChemistry-Answers
Common Entrance Examination PaperBiology-Answers
If you would prefer a link to see the answer papers online then please use the Comments Form to ask and I will send you a link

Entrance exam papers for London schools
(Eton, Mill Hill etc)
(After making the link look about a third of the way down the page to find links to specific schools)

An external link to a website of entrance exam papers… remember some schools offer their own entrance exams instead of a common entrance paper.

Useful advice on how to answer questions
♦Read the questions carefully
♦Underline key words
♦Don’t muddle key words
…. Does it ask you to explain why something happens ….or describe what happens

eg Explain why copper changes colour when heated (answer found here)

…..If you know you are slow then miss out question that you know you find difficult then when you reach the end go back and try and answer them..
DON’T MISS OUT ANY ANSWERS … If you don’t know then guess!

… Remember always to show your working with calculations and always give units.

Common Entrance Science Syllabus
The Outline view is a summary of the main topics in the science syllabus and is good to use as a check list during your revision

Science Syllabusin detail Science SyllabusOutline

Science Vocabulary :
A comprehensive list of words, terms and definitions that would be helpful to have on hand during revision.

Chemicals :
A list of chemicals that may be used during your chemistry lessons.
Not intended as a list to learn but can be used to look something up that you have forgotten.

 CE revision outline-summary:
A check list of all topics in the syllabus (Just in case you missed a few lessons!)